Nami and Detroit Pistons

Hosted by NAMI Michigan

Dates: 2/25/2019

Additional Notes

Dear Community Partners, As you are aware, mental illness does not discriminate. It affects every demographic in our society, including our youth, elderly and veterans, and those living with substance use disorders and suicidal ideation. Not only is it my firm belief that stigma is the leading barrier to the early diagnose and treatment that leads to better outcomes, but stigma is also the barrier to a better informed society about mental health awareness, suicide prevention, advocacy, education, treatment options, provider networks and more. Because of this, I am compelled to pursue every opportunity to raise awareness, promote education and treatment. In addition, we are seeking the support of local corporations/organizations willing to sponsor community participation, specifically for clubhouses, students (junior & senior high schools, college/university), youth, seniors and veterans groups. Organizations purchasing 100 or more tickets will have their logo included on the NAMI/Pistons t-shirts. Please share this information with your community partners.

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