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Lighthouse has a 41-year history of providing a continuum of services to families in crisis. It is the single largest nonprofit provider of emergency food and housing to low-income families in Oakland County. Lighthouse is a leader in its ability to offer successful programs that motivate, promote self-sufficiency, develop financial independence, and offer long-term results for clients. These programs encourage participation and build individual skills, leading to many success stories. Families who are facing foreclosure and/or job loss find it difficult to imagine a brighter future. Such desperate situations are a daily struggle. Lighthouse meets more than just the needs of a few. Our vision is to solve the problem of chronic poverty by providing the individuals we serve with the resources, relationships, and skills they need to be independent – enriching their lives and the community as a whole. The help and hope provided by Lighthouse enables our clients to strive for a brighter, more secure life for themselves and their family. We move families from crisis to self-sufficiency –one day, one program, one person, one family at a time.

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